doublespace unleashed

So, here we are. It’s a been a long time in the making, but we are finally ready. This is our first post. It will be a short one. We just wanted to say hi, and tell you a bit about our little adventure. We hope to bring you along with us across our journey into the realm of commercial photography. We will be talking about our work, but also showing some of our personal project, give you a little glimpse of what happens in our goofy heads at times. We will also be featuring stuff that inspires us, that makes us tick.

Welcome and thank you for coming on board!

Before we sign off, we will leave you with a bit of a teaser for what we are cooking up for you.

Take care

Amanda and Younes


A taste of things to come

doublespace photography is a team of Toronto and Ottawa-based professional photographers Amanda Large and Younes Bounhar. They specialize in architecture and interior photography in Canada and across the world.



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  2. Mitch C. wrote:

    Spotted your G+ post and slid on over. Congrats on your new venture…I am sure it will be great as you are both very talented. Thanks for the sampling and look forward to devouring your future posts.

  3. Hagen wrote:

    Fantastic news! I can already see a wonderful mingling of styles. Really excited for you guys.

  4. Leigh Catley wrote:

    I just wanted to wish you both all the best in your new venture,. I look forward to following your progress and enjoying your great work.


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